What Do You Think Of . . . READING ?



How can reading help you? 

We all know that reading is the action or practice of a person who reads. It is also the oral interpretation of written language, or Speech. It is also an instance or occasion in which a text or other matter is read or performed, usually without elaborate preparation and often as means of testing its merits. But in other definition, reading is a way of finding new knowledge. It may also a way to enlighten us from our ignorance. But put in mind that reading doesn’t work alone. Reading works with understanding. 

In reading, there are lot of things you will know and discover. Whether you are reading fantasies, histories, biographies, documents, magazines, poetry, fictions and etc. For what I think and based on my experiences in reading,  it helps us:

1. It Helps You With Your Grammar. 

books make you better

        Reading actually helps you with your grammar.

That’s true because it happened to me. At first, I had a bad time composing English sentences, paragraphs and even phrases because of lack of knowledge in making words work together but when I started reading it helps me improve my skill in composing an English sentences, paragraphs and phrases. I am not saying that my grammar is now perfect but it is much better than before. I can also use the right grammar in talking and communicating with people.

2. Makes You Aware. 

   Reading, as I had said earlier, will help you be enlightened from your ignorance. Reading articles , aside from watching news, will make your mind open and be aware of what is happening in your surroundings. It keeps you updated when you read.

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As Mary Bethune said, ” The whole word opened to me when I learned to read.” It just shows that you are able to understand the world if you learn how to read.

3. It Helps You Understand Other People. 

Maybe now your asking how can we understand people by just reading, right?

Written documents, articles, blogs, or stories are all made out of the authors critical mind and sometimes by their emotions , especially fictions. Writers put what they are feeling, their opinions and sayings on their writings. So by reading them, you will understand writers by how they feel towards something or someone.  We just have to understand what we are reading.

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4. Gives You Knowledge. 

Ofcourse, in reading there are knowledge.

Reading will give you some knowledge that you haven’t learned. Reading will give you some ideas that you still doesn’t know. Reading will also make  you familiarized with the words you are not familiar with.

Reading will actually helps improve your life.

Just imagine if we don’t know how to read. We are not able to read those signs on the street, those warnings that keep you away from danger. We aren’t able to recognize what is the use of alcohol if we don’t know how to read. We will never know our name if we don’t read. And if we cannot read, we never know how to spell things out and type on the keyboard.


So see how reading is important to our life.


What Do You Think Of … WRITING ? シ



What do you think writing is?

Do you think its just an ability to write letters and words? Or its a PASSION for you?
What’s it like when you first read a book or an article that made your heart sing?
Do you even realized that there was something on the writings that touched and inspired you?

There’s something about the words written in the article you read that moved you, energized you. There was something in every single words written their that boost your emotions and keeps you in reading.

Curiosity kills the cat right?

So, then you tried to read more books and create an article of your own.

But the question is…

How can you exactly make an article that is inspirational like the books or articles you have already read? 

I will share some of my own ways I do in my writing.

1. Know Your Passion. 

Passion is something that is related with emotion, right? It is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or a thing.  So if you have passion for writing, you are already one step ahead in creating an inspirational writing. But in writing, PASSION refers to the topic you are passionate with. Choosing your genre will help you create a great and inspirational article. For example, you love reading and watching love stories, you are surely be great in creating a love story or article. Or for example you are humorous and you love to make other people laugh , you may be great in creating a comedy stories or articles.

2. Look for Inspiration

If you already have picked your topic of your article, it is time now to capture inspirations. It may be some of your past moments or something you want to happen in your life. It could be something you think is impossible to happen in your life or something you dream of. Or you can inspire your article about your everyday life, or in everything that happens around you.

You can bring something like notepad and pen to write down the inspirations that comes to you.

3. Believe in Yourself. 

Of course in everything that we do, we have to believe in ourselves. Sometimes, trusting ourselves is a difficult job for us especially in writing. You always experience having doubts with your work. You think your article isn’t good enough to be read by other people so you don’t publish it and you just keep it to yourself.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Distrusting yourself is the most inappropriate manner in writing. It won’t let your ideas come out in a way you wanted.

4. Write 

When you already trust yourself, you are ready to write.

Having no doubts on yourself will help you write smoothly and come out with your ideas.

5. Do some experiments.  

Put your thoughts in your article or put some quotations that is related to your topic. It doesn’t have to turn out perfectly but atleast you know you enjoy what you are doing.

6. Be Fearless

Everyone has a little bit of fear when it comes to publishing their writing. I know, because I’ve been there and done that.

We think we have a lot of grammatical failures in our article and etc. But just think that you write your article whole-heartedly and think that what is written in your article is exactly the things you want to say to the world and that everyone around you is longing to hear it from you by your article.

7. Accept Feedback

Once you have published your article, there will surely be a comments and feedback such as positive and negative.
Don’t push down yourself once you received negative comments,instead take that as a new inspiration.

Those feedbacks may help you improve your skills in writing.

8.  Remember Why You Write

Remember why you started writing.

It’s easy to get lacked in details once you start writing and want to become better and better at it.
But in the end you will end up realizing you enjoy writing and expressing yourself.

Let us remember that writing is a passion, not just a profession. If you write just because you want to earn then leave it.
Write because you want to write not because you want to earn. Write because you want to express yourself.