Christian Living Activity Month at LVCC

The Christian Living Activity Month was held at La Verdad Christian College-Caloocan’s Auditorium last January 19, 2015. It was actually my first time to experience that kind of program, that was all about ‘ Christian Living ‘ or activities for praising God.

‘ The Amazing R.A.C.E ‘ was the theme of the program (Rough Road Ahead, Challenge Your Excuses) .  It challenged the students of LVCC to challenge their excuses in preparing for their performance. If we were lack of resources and especially in time, we have to challenge ourselves to make the impossible happen. We had to challenge our excuses. Each year, section and individuals had practiced their performance for just about two to three weeks. Every each of us had to participate in Chorale, Christian Dance , the Salted Speech ( Bible Preaching ) , Pitik Titik , Fashion, the MSNP ( short-films) and CL Quiz Bee.

I’d chose to join the Chorale, because I wanted to sing. It actually hard for me at first to catch up with the tone because I was put at the Alto, which the tone was actually out of the song’s melody, but with God’s help, I was able to catch-up. I was also been chosen to be the representative of our class in the Salted Speech or Bible Preaching. I actually didn’t know what to do the time our president told me that I’d been chosen to be the preacher because they’ve just told me a day before the program. It was hassle! I knew to myself that it’s never easy to be a preacher. Given that I wasn’t really familiar with the topic and I wasn’t good in understanding the bible’s verses.

During the only day left to practice the given topic, I’d asked for my dad to teach me how to deliver the topic. But unfortunately, my mom had been confined in the hospital Tuesday night so my dad wasn’t able to teach me. So I had no choice but just to practice the topic by myself. I’d spent the whole day practicing. I’d spent more than half of the day for the chorale and the rest for the preaching. It took me hours to almost perfect the delivery but I knew it still wasn’t enough. Until it was already 2 am and I had to sleep because I had to go in school at exactly 7 am.

I was standing at the podium and people were staring at me. I was nervous! It was the day of the program and it was my turn to do the preaching. I didn’t know what to say. All that I had practiced last night had all gone. I was mentally blocked! But thank God because I was able to finished that task almost perfectly!

                                                       That was really a challenge for me.


                                                      But Thank God I’ve got this! 

The program ended very well and amazing! It was actually the best program that I had attended. It was full of challenges but we were able to challenge our excuses. It was a program that full of contest but no one of us treated others like an adversary. We didn’t see the program as a competition but a perfect time to praise God instead.

I thank God because I’d been part of the Christian Living Activity Month at LVCC !


What Do You Think Of . . . Wattpad ?

Wattpad is a very popular website or application that has influenced especially the teenagers and those people who loves to read and write today.Wattpadp

Wattpad is a website where you can read a lot of stories with different genres for free.  According to wattpad’s page, there are over 75 million stories to read on their website and still counting. Because everyday there are more than one new story that is published on their website. There are 35 Million Wattpaders ( the people who uses or a member of wattpad) and growing. And it is said that wattpaders spent 9 Billion minutes in a month on wattpad. See how addictive this website is?



Me as a Wattpader. 



It was 2012 when I started using wattpad. I was 2nd year high school then. I’ve known wattpad because of my classmates who were really ‘an addict’ in wattpad. They were reading ‘ Diary Ng Panget’ that time and they were really crazy talking about it. I’ve got intrigued so I’ve searched for it, and like them , I’ve also got addicted reading that until I’ve finished it and searched for another stories in wattpad.

I’ve read a lot of stories on wattpad and got inspired by the stories and of course by the author.

I was just a reader with a few followers – it actually amazed me that even you’re just a reader you could still have a followers, I thought wattpad writer’s could just have followers. Those few followers of mine had been my friends, and others are still my friends. Until I started to write a story and published it. At first, I only got a few reads. No votes and no comments. But after a few days, I’ve got votes and a few comments! Considering one of the comments was from an author with a lot of followers! She became my friend.  That actually overwhelmed me as a newbie in the field of writing.

After the success of my first published story on wattpad. I’ve published another stories and the few followers of mine started to raised up to a hundred! The number of my online friends doubled until I joined a few groups on wattpad and on facebook. I met a group of ‘ not actually a famous but well-known ‘ wattpad writers. They became my close friends. Three of them were actually  my schoolmates and my classmates.


I’d been part of a group who has a lot followers and I’d also been an admin of a group on wattpad until now. Being in a group like that made my followers number tripled and my works recognized.



But I actually regret being part of the ‘ Wattpad World’ , because I honestly can’t stop reading stories even I have to read some more important books regarding to my studies.  Sometimes — I mean most of the time — I choose wattpad over my homeworks or other activity. I also can’t stop throwing quotes I got from the stories I’ve read on wattpad to my friends whenever we talk about some matter. That actually annoys me sometimes but I just really can’t help it. When I started reading on wattpad, I can’t stop imagining things! Like ‘ What if this happens to me?’ , ‘ What if  things goes differently? ‘ ,  even ‘ What’s really in between life and death?’, and most of all ‘  What’s the best story to write?!’. 

Since the year 2012, I couldn’t stop thinking of ideas to write. Everyday, there were a new ideas popping out of my mind regarding to everything I see. Up until now, even when I’m in a bus, my mind creates a new story to publish on wattpad.

   ‘ It’s 3am, to wattpad or not to wattpad? ‘

That was the question that runs in my head every night since 2012. And my answer was always ‘ TO WATTPAD! I’ve always spend my whole night reading or writing stories instead of sleeping.  So because of it, I had insomia! It’s really hard for me to sleep almost every night! >…<


 Wattpad really became a big part of my life now.




But as a quote said, ” Do not regret anything that made you happy. “

And Wattpad really made me happy. So 70% of myself don’t regret being a Wattpader. For being a wattpader, I became myself. It is on wattpad where I discover myself and my skills. Being a WATTPADER helps me to be myself and develop my skill not just in reading and in writing but also in communicating to a people who I don’t know. It also made me realized that I could have a lot of friends and bestfriends who I can trust even without seeing them personally. Being part of the ‘ Wattpad World’ made yourself to be recognized by a lot of people. It is on wattpad where you don’t have to pretend to be somebody else and it is where you can be accepted by just who you are and where you can share your thoughts freely.


What Do You Think Of . . . Teenage Rebellion?


Breaking rules, ditching classes, doing drugs, cursing, petty theft, self-mutilation, suicide, attempted suicide, bullying,or simple as slamming doors — are all acts of a rebellious teenager.


Teenager refers to a person who aged 13 to 19 years.

Rebellion an act of violent or open resistance to an established government or ruler.

And if applies to teenager, rebellion is an act of disobeying or breaking their parents’ rules.

Teenage Years

Most people, especially parents, say that they can’t actually get the mood and attitude of the teenagers nowadays. Sometimes teens seems fine in obeying their rules and sometimes it isn’t. But one thing is for sure for them,  teenage years is a turbulent years.  

What actually pushes teenagers to rebel?  

bullying-boy-teenagers-425ds072209-2 Lonely-Emo-Boy- teensmoking-1

There are a lot of factors causing teenagers to rebel.


 This chart shows the factors that affecting teenagers to rebel. But in this I’ll just be giving point to those most important factors that affect teenager’s attitude.

emo38First, is the group of friends they belongs.  

Friends are a big factor that changes a teenager’s character or attitude. They give a lot of influences and unfortunately, most of time , bad influences. ( Peer Pressure )

Parents Have Anger Issues 


Sometimes parents are being too much when it comes to correcting their children that it actually ends with shouting or some arguments.

As a teenager, i would just have an advice for the parents. As parents, you should ask first your children about the matter before getting mad at them and scold them or shout at them too much for a pineapple’s sake. For example, your child comes home late from school, ask them what did he/she does that took him long to be home? If they answers, well good then. After that , you can proceed to lecturing them about the matter. Let your children feel that you scold them because you care about them not just to let them feel that they are wrong, because that could actually cause them to rebel if they feel that everything they do seems wrong or not good enough for you. Remember that your children also wants to impress you and they also cares about you as how much you care about them.

Lack of Attention 


This is one of the greatest factors that affect a teenager’s attitude. Children longs for their parent’s love and affection. And if you,as parent, isn’t able to give it to them, don’t be surprised if your child one day disobeys you.

If your reason is you’re working on your business for their future, well think twice! You might be able to give them a house and lot that could stay in but not a parents that could lean on.

Too Much Attention

As a teenAndy-Art-2ager that has a strict— a very strict parents. I can say that being strict can cause no good to your children. Especially if your child is already 16 years old and above. I know that every parents’ responsibility is to give their children attention, I am not against with that. My parents actually had done that perfectly. The only thing that I hate is they give us too much attention. Too much in a sense that even I know I’m at school or even taking a bath, I’m being paranoid that maybe they’re already looking for me. I always feel guilty whenever I come home late from school even knowing I didn’t do anything wrong. My parents’ always put us in a confrontation after every situation like that. They scold us and lecture us about how should we obey them. Telling us that we  are still under their rules and we have no rights to break any of them. I barely talk to my parents about my personal life ( about my crushes, specifically) for I always think that it isn’t a good idea or topic to talk about..

What is needed to avoid teenage rebellion? 

 I think what is needed is just balance. 

Parents should give enough attention to their children — not too much.  Remember that everything’s too much is not good.

Parents also have to put in their mind that their children ( specially aged 16 and above) knows what they want to themselves.

And as a child, we also have to put in our mind that our parents know what is good for us. And no matter what, we have no rights to break their rules. And even it is sometimes hard, let us try to be open to our parents.

arton753-ce475 existencequotes If a girl ( parent needs to understand) Sometimes they dont accept themselves

The mind

What Do You Think Of . . . Being Yourself?

Just be

” How can I be myself? “ , that’s always been the question that runs through my head.

It is always hard for me to be myself in front of the other people. It is always hard for me to get along with my classmates and friends. I always find myself boring and nonsense to talk with. I, myself, hates who and what I am.

I honestly can consider myself as one of those girls who are below average. I used to consider myself like that. I am not that beautiful as most of the teenagers nowadays. I don’t have my own style– I mean, yes I do have, but I barely do it in myself. I actually can’t fix my hair like the other teenage girls could do. I consider myself as a typical teenage girl who dreams a lot but not as the typical teenage girl who wears dresses, who has long wavy or rebonded dyed hairs, who wears heels and sandals, who wears make-up and such. I am just a kind of girl who prefers to wear a pants and a pair of sneakers. I used to leave my hair ponytailed or just messed up!  Boyish! – a perfect word to describe me. But don’t get me wrong, I am not a lesbian .

Being myself is such a big word for me. 

When I was in elementary, I was trying so hard to be one of the ‘well-known’ group in our class. I was doing everything just to be consider as one of the best in the class. I’d been considered as one but not because of being myself but all because of pretending. I thought I would be happy once I’d been considered as one of the best but no, I hated myself more because instead of being the best,  I became the worst! My friends hated me as much how they hated the ‘well-known’ group in our class.

But when I was in 1st year high school until 2nd year high school, I started trying to be myself. I didn’t try to be one of the ‘well-known’ group in the class but I’d been still considered as the best or top 1 in the class academically. And in 3rd year high school, I successfully gained real friends for being true to myself.

What I have learned? 

 Pretending can’t help you be on the top or the best. It can’t lead you to success. If you pretend to be someone you are not, you will never see what and who you truly are.


” You were born an original. Don’t die a copy. ” – John Mason 

As Avril Lavigne, one of my favorite artists, says.. ” I’d rather be hated for who I am , than to be loved for who I am not. ”  ( originally by Kurt Cobain) , I started applying that to myself since I was in 3rd year high school. Because I’d realized that more people accepts me for who I really am. People trust me more for being honest, not just to them but also to myself.

BE true

Don’t change yourself just for the sake of others. You don’t have to change who and what you are just to be accepted by everyone who’s around you. You don’t have to change yourself just to be consider as the best. Being just you is enough to be the best.


And Believe in Yourself. This is one of the best factor to be yourself. Believing what you can do is enough to accept and love who you are. Remember that you should love yourself first before others love you.


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What Do You Think Of . . . Grammar Pedantry Syndrome?


Are you aware that there are people who suffers in correcting every grammatical error?

Or are you familiar with the Grammar Nazis over the internet?

These people isn’t just smart nor intelligent to correct other people’s wrong grammars, but they are also suffering from Grammar Pedantry Syndrome ( GPS ).   What is it again? 


According to ….

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear, or worry; by repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing the associated anxiety; or by a combination of such obsessions and compulsions.

Some symptoms of the disorder include excessive washing or cleaning, repeated checking, extreme hoarding, preoccupation with sexual, violent or religious thoughts, relationship-related obsessions, aversion to a particular number, nervous rituals such as opening and closing a door a certain amount of times before entering or leaving the room, etc.

There are several people around the world who have this disorder and what’s funny is that most people don’t even know they have it until a psychiatrist makes the diagnosis. There are many ways this disorder can affect people, not all people show the same symptoms, and there are several other disorders that derive from OCD, such as the Grammar Pedantry Syndrome.



” The Grammar Pedantry syndrome is a form of OCD in which the sufferers have to correct every grammatical error.”  

Still wondering why there are Grammar Nazis all over the internet? The answer may be, they probably have this GPS!



Wrong grammars are such a big deal to some — or many— people not just over the internet but all over the whole wide world. Sometimes wrong grammars are the reasons why others are having a bad day.


But how can these people who suffers from Grammar Pedantry Syndrome could survive a day if wrong grammars are everywhere? Like this…

wpid-photo-20140409183258What is this road sign supposed to mean?

‘  BUS SOTP? ‘ , does this mean ‘ BUS STOP’ ?  I wonder if bus drivers got it correctly in the first read.



People uses wrong grammars even in businesses! How can other people trust their service if they can’t even give a correct grammar!

In social medias, we should be careful with our grammars to avoid criticisms from the ‘Grammar Nazis’.


On a post on twitter , a tweet says ” I wanna visit the ifold tower in france one day…” .
Does he mean the ‘ Eiffel Tower in France someday ‘ ?   This tweet surely received a lot of criticism by the Grammar Nazis on twitter!

And sometimes, wrong grammar causes fight in social media or in text messages.


A common mistake in using ‘You’re and Your’.


Remember that we use You’re as the contraction of you are. And we use Your to show that something is belongs to you — it is a possessive adjective.

But do we really have to correct every grammatical errors we see? 

Having or being in a wrong grammar is not actually supposed to be a big deal to everyone because even the english people ( particularly Americans) doesn’t use a perfect grammar when communicating or talking to other people. Some people are just being overacting when it comes with wrong grammars. What important is, we deliver the thought of what we want to say even we are not in the correct grammar. But if you can’t really help yourself in correcting grammars, you probably suffering from Grammar Pedantry Syndrome. 

Note: If  you noticed some grammatical errors in this blog and wanted to correct me, you maybe suffering from GPS! 😉