Kadas (4)

Just call me JC.
I’m your typical teenage girl who dreams a lot.

I’m a Writer, but just a newbie in the field of writing. I post my stories on Wattpad, Quotev and Booklat but I’m more active on Wattpad.  // I’m a Music lover. A fan of Avril Lavigne , Taylor Swift and One Direction!  #KeepRocking // A Bathroom Singer.  I actually has a good voice ( they say) but I barely sing in public. Singing in the bathroom is more comfortable for me. =D // A Secret Dancer. I’m shy! That’s why I barely dance. It’s once in a blue moon actually. But I’m telling ya’ I’m a good dancer! // Lone Wolf Voyager –  I love to travel and If only  I could I would travel the whole world! But I love to travel with no one. Just myself. It’s kinda weird, I know. But ‘Weird’ is my middle name! // Addicted to Books. I love to write so probably I also love to read especially fictions in a genre of Mystery/Thriller or Fantasy! Or anything that is interesting to read.  ~~ And that’s all describe me.



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